Lights, camera….Jesus?

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The Bible is pretty clear….we are not to compare ourselves to others (2 Corinthians 10:12).   Yet how many times do people compare other people to other people?

As a worship leader and ministry leader, I have seen this countless times.   Someone will claim that “So and so is the BEST pastor…the BEST musician, the BEST this, or the BEST that”.  I am certain that the Apostle Paul would not have accepted such praises of men.  In fact, he didn’t (1 Thessalonians 2:6).  And while we should give honor that is due to the faithful ministers of the Word, we see the Apostles of Christ, who were worthy of honor and set in the highest office and place in the church, did not seek after it.

While it’s nice to enjoy the gifts and talents of others, modern Christianity is filled with favoritism…and I’ve been on both sides of this.   I am actually sickened by the whole scene.  So many times I have thought about hanging my guitar on the willows and just going off into seclusion…just me and God.  But then I realize, this is just what the Devil would want me to do!    We are all called to use our gifts.

I want to encourage everyone who is in ministry…it’s not about what the other person is doing.  I know it’s hard to ignore this sometimes…in this multimedia world, with glittered up stages, over production, and so outwardly flawless.  Perhaps we should just strip the churches of all the fancy facades, and get back to singing a cappella, out of the hymnals.  Perhaps that’s not “cool” enough for some of us.   Perhaps that is too lame to attract new members.

While many are focused on raising the bar, I believe that by lowering the bar, we are in fact raising it.  The lights; the stage props; the choreography; the over production…does it really help us to focus on God during worship…or does it have the opposite effect?


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Donna leads the Upstate NY Ministry Network to connect Pastors and Ministry leaders in the Albany area ( She loves blogging on her Sunday morning "CHURCH JOURNEYS", another way to encourage and unite the Body of Christ. She has also lead the 4ever1 music ministry since 2004.

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